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                        M A I N    S T R E E T

   Billboards and neon signs surround you. The music from local bars
   is tainted by the honking of passing cars and the raindrops. People
   everywhere, even at this hour. You're not sure why you're here, but
   you realize how alive the city is. You look around and you see...

=> join.txt


   The Midnight Pub
   A virtual speakeasy with dim lights and good cocktails. Located in
   a small alley off main street. Don't be scared by the street lights
   not working, and the occasional opposum you'll find on your way

   Neon Kiosk
   Just an ordinary looking kiosk. Get your journal from here!

   The Museum of Alexandra
   Suddenly, cherry blossoms overhang onto the street you've turned
   down, windchimes punctuating distant car horns; a fence begins to
   accompany your journey along the walkway. A look upwards would
   reveal a marble marvel - a historic museum that has been
   transfigured into an exhibition of one person's life, a digital
   legacy: a personal story told through the lens of a Y2K-era

   Status Cafe
   Best drip coffee of Main Street. Great place for people watching
   while being sat down. Coffee to go at reduced price. Get yours now!

   Lucien Smith
   Sleeping in, ordering chinese food, learning, finding secret stuff
   on the internet, looking at old art, shopping on ebay, watching
   movies with my girlfriend in bed, playing Gran Turismo on PS5,
   playing COD, collaborating, talking to people on discord, not
   waking up hungover, making funny sounds, acting retarded, laughing,
   eating, learning coding, spending time with my little brother,
   listening to music as loud as i can, smoking other people's Juuls,
   eating at fancy restaruants, spending more money than I make,
   jumping off cliffs into water, thinking about art im gonna make,
   talking about art im gonna make, not making the art i say im gonna
   make, doing exactly the opposite of what people want me to do,
   helping other people, hanging out with people like me, meeting
   people not like me, being antisocial, having fomo, thinking about
   stuff im gonna do in the future, trying to be in the present,
   saying im gonna start meditating, reminicing about the past,
   letting go of it...

   lime360 entertainment
   a personal website with stuff

   Serving the People (STP) is a global network of creators,
   technologists, and leaders interested in enriching culture through
   innovation and community.

   Metonym's Meandering
   Walking down the street you spot an oddly-shaped house, tucked away
   between the bars and cafes. Through the window you can see a girl
   aimlessly wandering around inside, occasionally hanging up a poster
   or adding something to a shrine... (My personal page, always under

   A personal site that reflects my own yearning for the web as it was
   during the late 90s and early 2000s.

   Valyce Negative
   Born between two rivers, the metropolis of Cuna De Rios is a
   paradise of neons frozen in time, where nature and nostalgic
   technology is perfectly blended into a bright, sunset-tinted scifi
   fiture. Explore its diverse fauna, and learn about its daily life
   through Valy and her gang of friends. Enjoy your stay!