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                         D U S K ' S    E N D

   We can see it all from the top of the hills in Dusk's End. It's
   hard to tell apart the sky from the skyline, but locals enjoy the
   distance. The eerie city lights projected on the sky invite reverie
   and introspection. People from all over come watch the moment night
   falls from this scenic landmark.

=> join.txt


   Wobble Town
   You notice strange looking eggs near the pond. Those seem to be
   from these tiny pixelated creatures that are wobbling around here.
   Pick one?

   m15o's station
   Little station on Dusk's End hills. It's rather small but there's
   good coffee inside, and a great view on the city.

   MERP Internet Tools
   MERP is a suite of tools for the modern internet. Experience the
   world wide web like never before thanks to the technology of MERP.

   Archive of my videos.

=> gemini://
   Idiomdrottning demonstrates a new and often cleaner way to solve
   most systems problems. The system as a whole is likely to feel
   tantalizingly familiar to culture users but at the same time quite

   evergreen's site
=> gemini://
   The last tree standing.

   Ace's Tea Shop
   As you relax near the pond nestled between the hills, you notice a
   faint scent of exotic leaves and plants. Searching for the source,
   you spot a humble, cosy tea shop, barely visible through the
   thicket of trees surrounding the pond.

   An ugly piece of art of programming.

   ingwines webbstede
   Home full of philological research, conlangs, poetry, & other
   A cascade of trees line the unfamiliar side of the hill, ever
   further from the dancing lights of the city. Following them only
   for a short while leads you into a clearing, where a small stone
   cottage bears indecipherable sigils. This is where maria lives.

   A place where the outcasts of the modern web come to do random HTML

   arts & ego
   I've thrown together a crotchety, contradictory, truthful,
   terrible, rich and ridiculous website of ideas, arts, ego, errors,
   opinions, rants, and mumblings.

   A personal website where I record my thoughts, keep a record of
   useful or interesting links, and list important books and other

   puxped's station
   As the train rolls in, you can see a little cottage through the 
   trees. It is the home of a friendly ghost.

   Hermit's House
=> gemini://
  Up on the hill you can see a small wooden house. Nothing special. 
  It's far from other buildings. It's quiet and simple. You've 
  heard a hermit lives there. He never asks anyone to visit him, 
  yet is happy to invite anyone whishing to see him.